Gentle Hands Raise You to Passing Clouds . . .                                    Mountain Butterfly over Flathead Valley in Western Montana, with the Mission Mountains on right mid-frame and Glacier Park in the far distance, center and right in frame

                                   and Silence,                                                    

                                         . . . to Commune With the Wind.             


the hot-air balloon, the Lady Bug, launching from Greenough area, near the Blackfoot River in Western Montana

Western Montana Hot-Air Balloon Flights

As all of our Mountain Butterfly balloon flights are completely unique, it is this singular experience that we hope will be a lifelong, treasured memory.   There will be occasions where the basket is merely inches above the green, summer grass, as it flows smoothly over the terrain like a silent roller coaster.  Perhaps the basket will just brush the crowns of our Ponderosa Pine trees, with their large cones only an arm's length away. . . there for the snatching.   At other times, we might find ourselves bumping the soft underside of a wandering cloud; or cruising above them to observe the rainbow-colored halo that encircles the cast-shadow of the balloon.  We have been known to ascend to over 10,000 feet. . .just for the view. 

The balloon-flight itself is only a vehicle for each one’s imagination.  Allowing the release of all earth-bound concerns, for a moment of whimsy. . . however brief.  We hope that your flight will bring to mind a long forgotton childhood fantasy, allowing one to have a light and carefree adventure; resulting in a one-of-a-kind experience.

Except for our winter balloon operations, all flights commence at sunrise, which is the coolest and most stable time of a typical day.   The majority of our balloon flights are generally over an hour----likely it will be longer, as appropriate landing sites are not always available at our convenience, or our schedule.

We must find them.

And that, too, is part of the adventure.

view up the West Fork of the Bitterroot River in Western Montana from our hot-air balloon, LadyBug, at 12,000 feet; Painted Rocks Reservoir in the distance near the launch site.

                                                                   Welcome aboard.  

 Please contact us at: 406 777-3858 (pilot)

                                 406 777-0520 (office)


Gift Certificates Available.

Post-Flight Toast.  Landing very near to the Harry Morgan Fishing access along the Blackfoot River in Western Montana, 4 miles south of Ovando,55 miles from Missoula.