Mountain Butterfly Hot-air Ballooning Rates for Western Montana as of 1/1/2018

Prices subject to change.the 'LadyBug' hot-air balloon starting to inflate in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, near Stevensville, Montana, south of Missoula.the 'LadyBug' hot-air balloon starting to inflate in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana, near Stevensville, Montana, south of Missoula. 

   Most of our flights are rare and extremely 'condition-    dependent'.  Reserve early, as 'seating' is very limited.

   Capacities for each hot-air balloon system as listed below:

                          Cricket-------------------------- 4 passengers

                          Mountain Butterfly -------- 6 passengers

                          LadyBug ---------------------- 8 passengers

                          Tweedy ---------------------- 10 passengers

                                Our Western Montana Hot-Air Balloon Flights are normally 1 hour in length; occasionally up to 2 hours+.  Mountain crossings                                 are variable.  10 passengers are the typical maximum occupancy for any balloon flight.  We book at less-than-design capacity                                 for passenger comfort.    Total final weight, and/or the balloon lift-off temperature, will determine total occupancy.   Your Pilot                                 has final discretion.


AREAS OF OPERATION IN WESTERN MONTANA                                                                  'Mountain Butterfly' balloon skimming over the 'Blackfoot River'; Greenough area.'Mountain Butterfly' balloon skimming over the 'Blackfoot River'; Greenough area.

Bitterroot Valley  ------------------------ $250 per person


Missoula Area  ----------------------------- $250 per person 


from the Lumberjack Saloon   -------- $425 per person (Mountain Crossing 17mi)


Blackfoot  ---------------------------------- $425 per person (Clearwater, Ovando, Helmville 20mi)


Flathead / Mission Valleys  ------------ $425 per person


Lolo Pass to Bitterroot Valley -------- $625 per person (Epic Mountain Crossing 37mi)


Bitterroot Valley to Philipsburg  ----- $675 per person (Epic Mountain Crossing 37mi)


Flathead Lake   ---------------------------- $500 per person (Open water up to 17mi)


Philipsburg to Deerlodge --------------- $675 per person (Epic Mountain Crossing 25-30mi)


The Mission Mountain Range   -------- $1000 per person (Epic Mountain Crossing 23mi)


West Fork Bitterroot to the Big Hole --$1250 per person (Epic Mountain Crossing 40mi)


Glacier Park   ------------------------------ $(TBA) per person (Ultimate Epic Mountain Flight 40mi)


Exclusive Hot-Air Balloon Flights:  for 'less-than-capacity' reserved parties 

                                                        ----- $1000 per person (for any given mountain flight)

Magic Carpet Flights (out-board seating)------------- $1000 per passenger. (current limit: 2)


                 the fine print:  Reservations, Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Refund Credits:

                            As all hot-air balloon flights are weather dependent, we ask that alternate                             dates be considered.

                                    To reserve a flight, a non-refundable 50% security deposit is required.  Prices are subject to change if                                         reservations have not been previously confirmed.

                                    To cancel a flight and avoid forfeit of the deposit, notice must be given (phone; e-mail) no less that 48                                        hours before the scheduled flight time.    We will re-schedule your flight up to 4 times (meaning that if we                                     successfully re-schedule your flight 4 times, and you cancel each time) the deposit will be forfeit.  If you                                     cannot be available for rescheduling, (vacation is over) we will apply your deposit toward a registered Gift                                     Certificate for the same class of flight, or one of your choice, with an adjustment due (either way)                                                                against any difference in the original rate.                                    

                                    Regrettably, if you are expected for a scheduled flight, and fail to show at the appointed time, the deposit will be                                        foreit and you will be charged for the full rate of the flight.


 Individual Gift Certificates are purchased separately at full price, and do not expire.


Mountain Butterfly inside of gift certificate

Outside of Mountain Butterfly gift certificate